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Invest in our well-managed, proven  business model that offers a great service.

TCT Mortgage Group Inc., established in 2006 is a Maritime-based Private Mortgage         Company, specializing in small to medium-sized mortgages to local individuals.
We cater to a wide array of clients, mostly builders, contractors and developers.
All Transactions are underwritten by an experienced group of mortgage experts with over 70   years combined industry experience. The investment product, although not guaranteed, will   yield a healthy annual return on a mainstream, real-estate backed investment.

TCT Mortgage Group Inc.

70 years of Real Estate lending experience
20 years hands-on, off market experience
Excellent knowledge of Maritime Real Estate market
Established(ing) network of brokers/sources
Experts in reducing risk levels of Equity based Investments
Driven by professional delivery of product
Providing solutions — Investor & Borrower

What's so special about these mortgages?

Maximum advance 65%
Limited risk, not guaranteed
The customer is committed since they hold a minimum of 35% equity stake
Investment is liquid, 12 month term, interest only
Maximum rate of return, with minimum level of risk and maintenance


Excellent form of portfolio diversification
No commissions, you get paid a fee!
Not cyclical
Geographically diverse, tied across three provinces
Not pooled, you have total quality control
Stable economic marketplace, 3.28 % annually
No minimum or maximum investment
Early payout drives yield higher
Does not require daily, monthly maintenance
70 years’ experience working for you
If you would like more information on how to invest, please do not hesitate to contact our office. You can reach us at:

TCT Mortgage Group Inc.
1077 St. George Blvd, Suite 100
Moncton, N.B. E1E 4C9
Phone (506) 384-1828 / (506) 855-7001
Fax (506) 855-0883

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